• Case Study 1: Interview with Dan and Angela.

Case Study 1: Interview with Dan and Angela.

Over in Buxton Road, I met up with Dan and Angela Simpson.

“We were having supper with neighbours and the subject of needing to expand came up in the conversation. The talk turned to loft conversions and they said that they had had theirs done and would we like to take a look. We did and we were very impressed with what we saw and they told us about .“The creative way to stay in the home that you love but are about to outgrow”

Soundhouse loft conversion

“We called them and got some other quotes, but they were by far the most impressive and we are thrilled with the work. From the initial consultation they were open to our ideas and had excellent ones of their own.”

“When they did the work they were so focused and immaculate, we hardly knew they were here. They accessed the roof space by ladders and scaffolding until the very last moment when they broke through to the main house.”

“When we wanted to knock two ground floor rooms together we called and asked them if they could take the job on. They said yes but not for a few months. We were so happy with them and their work that we agreed to wait and they have now completed that job. What is so good is that they are communicators and that they used language that we could understand, that made us comfortable with the whole process. We found them through a personal recommendation and we would be happy to recommend them to others.”

The Soundhouse team is proud of its reputation for not being your average building firm. From the moment they arrive in their much-loved vintage VW van, to their unobtrusive presence, their green tea and their obsessive cleaning regime at the end of each working day, they have clearly decided to operate a business along very strict professional lines.

The service is a complete one, from initial consultation right through design development and final working drawings and on to the build and finish.

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