• "Soundhouse always put the loo seat down"

"Soundhouse always put the loo seat down"

Over the years, we’ve had some great feedback. Not just on the high quality of our work, but about the team themselves. In a funny way, the quote above really sums up what hopefully makes Soundhouse different from your average bunch of builders.

The Soundhouse team won’t get in your way or interfere with the rest of your house whilst we carry out the work. We always take great care to clean up after ourselves and leave things as tidy as possible in the build area. And we certainly won’t leave any mess lying around the rest of your house – we’ve no qualms about breaking out the vacuum cleaner at the end of a hard day’s work, if needs be!

At Soundhouse, we pride ourselves on our care and attention to detail. Every member of the team is a conscientious, hardworking and friendly professional, who strive to be the exact opposite of the ‘typical’ builder stereotype.

For example, we won’t irritate you or the neighbours by blaring out Radio 1 from some tinny old radio whilst we work, shouting at each other over the resulting din. In fact, most of the team would prefer something classical, to create a calm and focussed atmosphere. Or perhaps 6 Music, although Neil is partial to a bit of smooth jazz, from time to time!

And when it comes to that perennial cliche, the builder’s constant thirst for a sweet and strong cuppa, we’re more likely to offer you a brew in the morning, rather than hassle you for one. And at the risk of sounding like stereotypical Brightonians / Hovians, we’d probably opt for a nice cup of green tea over PG, given the choice!

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